Monday, October 09, 2006

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upto 8 October 2006

I liked Abhishek's write up man. That dude is mighty pissed off. I agree with him, they all a bunch of frikin hypocrites.

Regarding the "IE article
  • PG Bt course on hold

  • Are we equipped to handle the demand that is supposedly not met by the university. Why do we continue to ignore the fact that the UG course is under-staffed and the lab facilities are horrendous. First we need to make our base fstrong then work at the upper levels.
    Pooja Desai
    via email

    Absolutely. Right on the money.

    ....There are no ground realities in your blog...Its all from the main stream media or the net...

    I know but there isn't much that I can do about it right now. You must understand that even though I remain intrigued by this field I have moved on, sort of. So please join me send me your thoughts, ideas and voice. I'll feature them on the blog. Then u can have actual ground reality, as you see it.

    Nice blog...please write more frequently.
    Rekha Lad

    ...If we exclude the IITs, TIFR, IISC, etc and a couple of other institutes there is very little scope for a Bt grad to move ahead with this chosen profession. Mumbai Unviversity I have heard sucks and doesnot have even the basic infrastucture necessary for its functioning...

    So have I. Yes there are very few avenues if you seriously want to pursue Bt in Mumbai.

    But keep the faith, since career growth is relatively slow in this field you must be patient.
    Equip yourself with as much information as you can find to chart you career plan.

    .....F**k you Bt baiters. Let us do our jobs and you mind your business. GM and gene manipulation is here to stay.....Hey Abhishek if you can't understand it don't diss it.
    via email

    Our articulate friend here finds it amusing to use abuse to make his point....well so do I F**k you too mate....why are you so pissed off?...I have the right to my opinion...and just because you need to borrow it from what your Mama doesn't mean the whole world should agree with it....Sorry for the F word...I wasted it on a worthless POS like you.
    Take care man have a nice day. - Abhishek

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    Sunday, September 17, 2006

    Weekly Synopsis

    Sept 10 to 17 2006

    Why don't you merge this blog with some other bigger biotech blog. Or even better make this a Colla Blog . This topic has immense potential and can be a rage with the biotech community. Mainly students, it can be a one stop shop for all their BT related needs!
    Via e-mail.

    The idea was to come up with a Biotech Collablog but maybe people are not interested in blogging or collaborating. It is seen as a frivolous activity done by people with a lot of time! I would love to share space on my blog with as many people as I can. That was the spirit with which I started blogging and called it an "initiative". Everyone is welcome to join the team.

    Our education system is so outdated that harappa could be considered advanced. It eventually will be the stake that pierces the heart of the corporate oriented generic satan that presides over our existance.
    Biotechnology as a field will be ruined due to lack of initiative and infrastructure. By the time we realise the importance of all round reforms it would be too late . This field cannot survive on its own. After all you cant make dough without water.

    Very true, but I didn't quite get how our 'outdated' education will kill the corporate 'satan'. Are you saying we will produce such a high level of lowly incompetence that it would stifle the corporate structure?

    And yes, it does take two to tango.

    Nice blog. It is a wonderful idea.....I am a BT student too...your links were very helpful ...cuold you include more BT oriented search engines and applications like NCBI etc.
    via e-mail

    Glad to be of help. I will definitely try and include more sites like NCBI. Any site you want included in the list mail it to me.


    Tuesday, September 12, 2006


    publishing via email.
    just checking its efficiency.


    paradox paradigm


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    Monday, September 11, 2006

    Weekly synopsis of your views and comments!

    4 Sept - 10 Sept 2006

    I am anti-globalisation and anti-corporate so I am opposed to the inherent idea of your blog.
    But I admit that your write up is relatively perceptive in content.
    The inherent structure of biotech as a profession is to alter and eventually create imbalance in the basic systemic working of nature itself.
    By directing resources towards an exaggerated source of so called deliverance, "the industry" and the government is courting obvious failure.


    I think that anti-globalisation movement is probably an excellent example of globalisation. The fact that people from the developed countries care about the interests of third world countries with whom they have no direct connect in terms of cultural or civilizational history is inspiring.
    I too am a non-conformist but instead of ignoring or outright denouncing a thought we loose an opportunity to understand it better. That is what this blog is about.

    Monday, September 04, 2006

    Weekly synopsis of your views and comments!

    August 27 to September 3 2006

    However, the vaccines recently produced by India as well as by China, are aimed at the CURRENT H5N1 STRAIN and will be of no help if the virus mutates in to a real human virus strain.

    As you know, H5N1 is a Bird Flu virus, which is NOT supposed to be killing people.

    The new vaccines could well help with the current H5N1 strain, but if the virus mutates in to a human virus, as it did back in 1918, the above mentioned vaccines will not provide any protection against the new strain.

    In that case, these vaccines can only mislead every one in to a false sense of security, as well as resulting in a wastage of badly needed resources.

    The-Best-Bird-Flu-Blogs team.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but the The-Best-Bird-Flu-Blogs team hates good news en only believes in doom. Anyone who is not a believer of the full doom-scenario receives a burst-your-bubble-warning.


    Thank you for your burst-your-bubble-warning. Lighten up guys whats with the "full doom scenario". It is critical information, an aspect which had been left out by the general media.

    ...Why don't you post more often?...
    via email.

    Well buddy, journalism suffocates a person by occupying every trace of free time available. Hence, the latitude in posting.
    Put your minimally affordable bandwidth where your mouth is mail me a write up about what you feel about the industry or academia. I presume you are from India too. So you must neccesarily have a lot of pent up angst!

    Saturday, August 26, 2006

    Weekly synopsis of your views and comments!!

    Weekly round up 26th August 2006. Saturday.

    *** interesting blog thanks for the links.
    I didnot know about the Indian policy guess we got something right!

    Well now you know !

    ...How did you come up with this idea, its cool but its gonna take a big effort!
    Kush Malhotra
    via email.

    I was talking to a friend (hey Diana!) of mine who felt it was essential to educate people about biotech. If we intend to make a global difference, then people must be aware. The level of awareness about biotechnology as a field amongst the lay people or those who weren't involved in any biological sciences that I talked to, was shocking. Most expected me to be some sort of genetic manipulator who worked in a lab to screw over the world. The perception has to change. Hence the blog!

    Have you watched corporate the bhandarkar movie...

    No I haven't. I have heard that it is about the cola-wars. I'll try to catch it, thanks for the heads up!

    *** ...
    Do you think pepsi or coke should be banned?

    Banning a drink would not provide a lasting answer to our already tarnished ecosystem. The solution must be long-term and complete. Yes, if the soft drinks have been found to violate prescribed norms, then they must be prosecuted. But thanks to murky politics this too cannot be substantiated without a doubt. Now the govt. says that the earlier CSE report is incorrect!

    *** the articles they are nice...the cola contro is old news made new , nobody cares, okay i admit some people do , but still. africa and cheap drugs, gets a big smile, stoopid money making tactics should not be used where there is so much need...but the nicest one was the smoking pill one , short & sweet .
    Ketaki Kumta
    via email

    Thank you so much. Finally an articulate assessment! I only play second fiddle to general media so I tried to put forth a biotech oriented point of view in the pepsi story, that hadn't been explored.

    *** ... Man, you should write propoganda...are you up for it. I liked your personal blog...
    Amon Goth
    via email

    huh!!!! whatever gave you that idea!! Your pseudonym ( Ralf Fiennes' Character from Schindler's list, the most hated anti-semitic villian, nice touch!) suggests your intent in asking me this question. No I do not write propoganda!!

    And yes, my first hate mail...I am so damn proud!!.

    ***this is a stupid idea. Nobody gives a shit about biotech or colas. Look for something else to write about....moron...what were you thinking? You got way too much time on your hands!
    Crazy Eddie
    via email

    If you think biotech doesn't matter you must be delusional. If you don't want to read about it, move on to the next frickin blog!! Zubair is that you???

    I cannot believe that so many people took the time to write their feedbacks.
    Thank you for your two-bit on my blog and taking the time to let me know what you think! I appreciate it, THANKS A MIL!!
    And do keep writing.

    If you do not want your mails to be featured let me know.

    Monday, August 21, 2006


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